How do we get better, faster? A group of pathbreaking educators come together weekly to answer that question, applying lessons from the classroom to all areas of life — from parenting, to relationships, to sports, to hobbies and more. Sweat the Technique is hosted by four former principals and superintendents who’ve led gap-closing schools. That includes: Doug Lemov, author of the international bestseller Teach Like a Champion and trainer to many successful educators and leaders from professional sports, Ryan Hill, founder and CEO of a network of 23 KIPP public charter schools in New Jersey and Miami, Stacey Shells Harvey, founder and CEO of ReGeneration Schools, and Ravi Gupta, former leader of Tennessee’s highest performing network of charter schools and founder of the largest-ever training organization for Democratic candidates and staffers.


Ep 7 | Better Call Cutty (with Passport Cutty)

Host Stacey Shells Harvey interviews her friend Alex Brooks, AKA Passport Cutty: influencer, author, and empowering life coach. She offers lessons from parenting and dating, to growing up and speaking up in today’s overly-online world.

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Ep 6 | Controllable, Specific & Positive (with Dan Abrahams)

Doug and Ravi interview Dan Abrahams, a sport psychologist known for creating simple-to-use performance techniques for players and coaches at the highest levels. While his work has primarily focused on professional soccer and golf, his teachings can be applied to any sport and a wide range of endeavors. 

Ep 5 | Considering Culture with John Reid-Dodick

Ryan interviews John Reid-Dodick, Chief People Officer at AlphaSense and former change-maker at AOL and WeWork. Insights from John’s vast experience influencing corporate culture can serve as useful lessons for teachers, students and leaders of all kinds. 

Ep 4 | Lessons on Resilience with George Bonanno 

Ravi and Doug discuss the new science of resilience with George Bonnano, author of The End of Trauma. George talks about how we as a society are having the wrong conversation about trauma, and what we can do about it – from K-12 education to the medical profession. 

George is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Chair of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College. 

Ep 3 | Lifelong Learning with World-Renowned Surf Coach Ru Hill

Ravi sits down with Ru Hill on location in Costa Rica. Ru is the founder and owner of Surf Simply, one of the most renowned surf schools in the world. He offers lessons that can be applied both out on the waves and in your everyday life.

Ep. 2 – The Upside of Stress with Dr. Kelly McGonigal

This week, hosts Ryan Hill and Ravi Gupta sit down with Dr. Kelly McGonigal to discuss her book The Upside of Stress. She offers a surprising new view of stress—one that reveals its benefits, and explains how we can capitalize on them.

Dr. McGonigal is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University.

New episodes of Sweat the Technique will drop every Wednesday.

Ep. 1 – Teaching Like a Champion with Doug Lemov

Introducing Lost Debate’s newest weekly podcast, Sweat the Technique! In our very first episode, Ravi sits down with co-host Doug Lemov, K-12 expert and author of the international bestseller Teach Like a Champion. They discuss how lessons from teaching and running schools can be used toward success in any field.


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