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Lost Debate is a non-profit media company that tells the stories of people who are misunderstood, overlooked, or simply threatening to those with privilege and power.

We’re ethically contrarian, meaning we challenge conventional wisdom—not to be different or provocative—but to highlight issues underrepresented in traditional media.

We’re a home for political eclectics who hold views that don’t fit neatly into any single political party. This includes independents, the undefined, and the just plain confused . We even welcome those with strong party loyalties who want to escape their echo chambers.

But this isn’t a “both sides” project in which we pretend the answer to every question comes down to an imaginary average of two partisan positions. The world is much more complicated than that, and we are far more interested in truth than balance.

Where can you find us?

To use today’s jargon, we’re a “multi-platform media company.” We believe the most important conversations in society happen in the dark corners of the Internet—on platforms dominated by political arsonists, nihilists, and extremists. Our mission is to infuse more empathy, nuance, and objectivity into those conversations.

Our flagship show is The Lost Debate, a twice-weekly YouTube and podcast program that brings you news, ideas, and trends of the day. It’s hosted by Ravi Gupta—former Obama administration and campaign staffer turned charter school principal and superintendent—and Cory Bradford, former talk radio host and political organizer turned TikTok star and satirist.

We bring people together for conversations the media isn't having, while empathizing with and challenging each other in good faith. We also incorporate skits and other satire, because if we didn’t have a few laughs about the bizarre state of our country, we’d be crying.

Why non-profit?

Clicks and eyeballs. Those are what most media companies care about. What’s the easiest and quickest way to attract both? Provide divisive and even incendiary content that distorts the truth and preys on the raw emotions of your “side.” That’s why so many media empires are dedicated to ensuring that we hate each other more and more every day.

We believe that by removing the profit motive, we can bring more nuance, objectivity, and empathy to the conversation. Ultimately, this means we depend on your generosity to ensure we can keep creating meaningful content.

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