Ep. 98 - Student Loan Setbacks, Involuntary Hospitalizations, Rat Czar

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Ravi and Rikki start with the fierce legal challenges halting President Biden’s student loan relief plan, before turning to New York’s controversial solution to a hard problem to solve: involuntary hospitalizations for the mentally ill.  Finally, we stay here in New York – sorry – to talk about an exciting new opportunity in the city’s government: the “Rat Czar.” 

Ravi evaluates the practical, political, and legal merits of Biden’s student loan relief plan and the many court battles threatening to ensure it never takes effect. [4:09]

Rikki makes the case for why New York has turned to an unpalatable solution – involuntary hospitalizations – in response to the city’s dual crises of homelessness and mental health. [20:34]

Finally, in-house researcher Joe G. pitches himself as the city’s new “Rat Czar” to City Council Member Chris Marte. [40:36] 

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