ep. 76 – What School Is For, Nation’s Report Card, Free Range Parenting

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On today’s special “Back To School” episode, Ravi and Rikki tackle some big questions around education, starting with a new series from The New York Times asking a simple yet expansive question: What Is School For? The hosts debate some of the answers they got back. Then they’ll turn to the “Nation’s Report Card,” a bleak look at the extent and severity of COVID learning losses. FIRE is out with its annual college free speech rankings – so we’ll see whose alma mater came out on top there. And finally, they’ll check back in on a mom in Arizona who’s become a cause celebre for free range parenting advocates. 

Ravi and Rikki offer their insights on a new series from The New York Times asking a simple yet expansive question: What Is School For? They then discuss the issues they see with the state of education before offering solutions and how they would answer the same question. [02:02]

The hosts react to the bleak new data from the NAEP – the nation’s report card – on the extent of elementary schoolers’ learning losses over the pandemic, before turning to the recent proposal from Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to address it. [19:00]

Ravi and Rikki discuss FIRE’s annual college free speech rankings, how they reached their data, and what it tells us about higher education. [28:19]

Finally, the hosts get into the resurgence of free-range parenting as they update us on a mom accused of child neglect in Arizona. Ravi and Rikki talk at length about the rise of helicopter parents and whether a correction may be underway. [36:04]

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When Adults Step Back, Kids Step Up (Let Grow)


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